“Yeah, what they said.”

Avatar Phil Tune, Front-End Developer

Before coming to Designsensory, Phil already had over 15 years of freelance and corporate web design and development experience under his belt.

Phil remembers getting his first party line dial-up internet connection in 1997 when he was 12, and within just a few months, he began learning how to set up websites and taught himself HTML. “I remember it being all about table-based layouts and in-line styles back then.” By the time he graduated from high school, Phil had already designed and built several sites for friends, churches, clubs and local businesses. Phil studied Computer Science in college and began freelancing for businesses around the Midwest. He would later move to Chicago to study graphic design, hoping to become a video game designer. That dream was short lived, as he quickly realized he would rather be programming than designing.

Phil is a life-long learner and finds a new passion just about every few years that takes up all his free time. Phil has made detailed studies of music theory, Impressionistic painting, gourmet cooking, archaeology and anthropology, religion and systematic theology, Western church history, astronomy, chemistry, political science, American regional cultures, and, of course, numerous front-end web languages, frameworks and methodologies. Phil loves studying systems and feels that every problem can be solved by the proper application of a well-designed, methodical system.

Phil and his wife, Sunny, are originally from southeast Missouri. They currently live in Blount County with their two sons. In their free time, Phil and Sunny enjoy making handcrafted soaps and taking them to craft fairs around the area.

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