“I art, therefore, I am.”
— Mary Shelley

Avatar Mindy Fawver, Production Designer

Experienced stock photographer and talented illustrator, Mindy combines her passion and skills in her role as Designsensory’s production designer.

Mindy earned her Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Masters in Crafts from California State University, Fullerton. She has an impressive 10 years of experience at various printers as a prepress specialist, seven years of experience as an agency production designer, and four years of experience in audio description and transcription editing. She strives to further her design skills while supporting the designers on her team.

In her spare time, the self-taught naturalist and expert birder enjoys visiting State and National Parks around the United States with her husband. The two travel to natural places around the world to document and photograph flora and fauna on iNaturalist and have ventured to Panama and Cuba during group birding trips.

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