“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” — Will Rogers

Avatar Kelly Raines, Director of Project Management

Kelly is the master of improving organizational processes, productivity and efficiency.

After serving as a Project Manager at Designsensory, then as the Director of Production at Pyxl for four years—where she led and inspired a team of production managers and established process efficiencies—, Kelly has assumed the role of Operations Manager.

Working in design, advertising and marketing for her entire 25-year career, Kelly says, “I love working with creative people and tackling the challenge of making a great idea a reality. I’m the person who can help make the big idea happen. If you blue-sky it, I’ll do all I can to execute it.”

Kelly takes comfort in processes and checklists, making sure everyone knows who owns what works and getting rid of blurry lines or nebulous direction. Day-to-day, she helps the team ensure it is properly quoting, trafficking, forecasting and just generally doing its best possible work—basically, every agency needs a Kelly.

When Kelly is not in the office, you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors potting flowers, walking her neighborhood or grilling out with her husband.

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