“Don't hassle me, I'm local.”

Avatar Kate Ambos, Senior Account Manager

Brooklyn, helicopters, bulldogs, cocktails, and sneakers. I think you’re already getting what Kate is all about.

Kate has a long history in high-end client service. She worked for Apple in their first flagship in NYC, where she worked her way to assistant manager/business sales manager. She also put in 10 years of account management at both Corbis and Getty Images, where she developed an expertise in image and video licensing.

From there, Kate was approached to work with an aerial production and content company, NYONair. While starting up the company’s licensing business, they quickly realized an opportunity for another business model. FlyNYON was created to offer crowd sourced flights over the city in which people could book an individual seat, get harnessed into the helicopter and capture their own imagery—something that was previously reserved more for professional photographers chartering the whole helicopter. As Brand Director for this startup, Kate helped drive the brand growth and expansion to Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas—all within the first three years.

Kate is a graduate from Long Island University in NY, with a degree in art history. She loves the combination of business and art, so when you add the client service aspect, she loves being at a creative agency.

Outside of work, you would probably find her scouting out some good food and cocktails or with a glass of Rosé while hanging out with her husband or bulldogs.

Kate has an unhealthy collection of Vans and a general obsession with cool shoes.

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