“Sometimes I get emotional over fonts.” — Kanye West

Avatar Kaleigh Veca, UX Architect

A hybrid UX designer and wordsmith, Kaleigh crafts ideas into digital experiences.

Kaleigh graduated magna cum laude from the Chancellor's Honors Program at the University of Tennessee with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. With minors in both Hispanic Studies (Spanish) and Entrepreneurship, she can speak proficiently in Spanish and business buzzwords. As an avid learner with a smorgasbord of interests, Kaleigh is excited to join the team at Designsensory and grow alongside Knoxville’s best.

On warm weekends, Kaleigh can be found camping, hiking, and/or backpacking in the Smokies. Kaleigh enjoys solving crossword puzzles in pen, eating cheddar cheeseburgers, thrifting, playing board games, and competing in trivia at restaurants around town. 

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