"Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it." — Maya Angelou

Avatar Jessica Thompson, Senior Media Manager

Jessica has always been business-minded, particularly interested in understanding what influences consumer behavior. Marketing was a natural fit for her interests. As a “90s kid,” she quickly realized the rising value and growing opportunities of the digital marketplace, and loved the excitement of working in a brand-new world.

With a degree from Georgia Southern University as well as professional certifications in Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Blueprint Digital Marketing, she has extensive experience in e-Commerce and all aspects of digital marketing. As a senior media analyst, she focused on helping new, mission-focused brands take off. She has also worked as marketing director at a startup agency, helping clients across many verticals like tourism, hospitality and higher education. Her coolest project to date: a collaboration with Mented Cosmetics x Ashley Blaine Ferguson, coinciding a product launch with the Season 3 premier of the Netflix shows “Dear White People.”

Named for an Allman Brothers song, and once identified by Julia Roberts as being "very diligent,” Jessica has a variety of interests outside of work, including gardening and all things flowers, cooking, hiking, music, ancestry research and traveling with her husband. A member of Creative Mornings Asheville, and an Instagram promoter of her Asheville, NC, Airbnb and all things Asheville, she loves connecting and learning from other local professional creatives.

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