“Handle a book as a bee does a flower, extract its sweetness but do not damage it!” – John Muir

Avatar Jesse Klapperich, Internal Project Manager

Inspired by creativity, motivated by problems that need solving and excellent at managing schedules, Jesse is a natural Internal Project Manager.

Jesse always wanted to be a scientist or historical novelist, but opted to spend her time immersed in creativity instead of stuck in a classroom or practicing patience. Her passion for science and creativity led her to realize early on that she was much better at solving problems than discovering them. Her collaborative people-skills, talent for managing schedules and appreciation for innovative solutions inspired her to become Internal Project Manager at Designsensory. The unique culture, diverse thinking and authenticity of Designsensory, made this agency the perfect fit. 


Jesse graduated from the University of Tennessee School of Advertising and Public Relations in 2016, with a B.S. in communications. She triple-minored in French, business administration and psychology. The Jesse-of-all trades developed a talent for extinguishing work disasters, on a daily basis at her previous companies. As a producer at Jupiter Entertainment, she managed schedules and produced true crime shows like Snapped. Jesse gained experience working and interning for several smaller marketing and public relations firms, in nonprofit, entertainment and brand management industries. She continues to create work she’s proud of at DS, as she learns new project management skills and grows in her role. Jesse is currently working to earn her Project Manager Certification.

Outside of Work:

In her free time, Jesse goes to local festivals with her husband and son, spends time on the soccer field, in her garden or watching Liverpool matches. She loves evening walks with her family and dogs to feed the neighborhood cows, which she pretends are her own. Born in Germany, she is always down for an international trip and if you ask her to organize it, she’ll gladly say “Ja!” Jesse is an avid reader and her favorite genres, space murder mysteries and historical novels have taught her everything she knows about the intricacies of political marriages, rumors and wars in middle age Europe.

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