“Check it out now, the funk soul brother.” – Fatboy Slim

Avatar Gray Williams, Associate Media Planner/ Buyer

Gray enjoys helping people achieve their goals through creative problem solving, art and data-driven strategies.

The interesting variety of clients and forward thinking culture at Designsensory compelled him to join the agency. Excited to be part of this entrepreneurial company, Gray hopes to use his marketing skills to help our growing media team tackle new strategies through strong media placements.


Gray earned his Bachelor’s in Advertising from the University of Georgia. He has over three years of experience working with clients in the health, government, hospitality, FinTech, real estate and music industries. His subject matter expertise is focused in paid media, organic social media, digital marketing and account management. He also does freelance marketing for musicians.

Currently he holds certifications in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, OTT/CTV, programmatic, broadcast and cable, OOH, and print media buying and planning.

Outside of Work:

Gray can be found at live music shows, playing disc golf or Halo, or practicing jiu jitsu. He writes music, plays the drums and performs with local bands around Atlanta and Nashville. 

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