“Lots of times you don’t know what interests you most til you start talking.” - J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

Avatar Barbara Gibson, Office and Billing Manager

Barbara graduated from University of Tennessee, Knoxville with her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a minor in Journalism. She brings years of management experience to her role as Office and Billing Manager. Previously, she was the property manager for a store facility and manager at a seal coating facility and two snack bars. Drawn to Designsensory’s environment  and passionate about planning, organizing, and helping others, Barbara made the perfect fit for this position. As office and billing manager, she incorporates her writing skills and spreadsheet and database expertise to conduct marketing and advertising projects.

In her free time, Barbara studies astrology, writes, and plays video games. She also enjoys embroidery and crafting an impressive collection of VHS tapes and coffee mugs. Her two cats, Tybalt the Terror and Horatio the Horror, are both angels, as their names imply.

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