“Knowledge is not for knowing: knowledge is for cutting.” ― Michel Foucault

Avatar John Davis, Senior Technical Developer

Born in Canada, John’s background is in a wide range of web and software technologies gathered through working for both small businesses and enterprise level clients.

With over a decade of experience exceeding the expectations of a variety of clients in industries such as game development, education, enterprise-level eCommerce, medical wayfinding and small business, he can take any problem and create a maintainable efficient solution.

John came from National Branding Solutions where he was senior software developer, and before that Jewelry Television. He started programming when he was 12 years old in a language called HyperScript, and then in Java. After that, he moved to game programming in C and C++ updating Bungie's Myth II and Take Two’s Myth III as well as developing their game asset tools. He studied mathematics and computer science at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His recent hobby projects include a game engine and a PHP MVC and AOP framework.

When not coding like a rockstar, John enjoys playing guitar, sipping craft beers and spending time with his two children, Donovan and Connor, and his wife, Margaux. His interests include philosophy of science, epistemology, playing with math and researching the history of odd ideas.

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