“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” — Scott Adam

Avatar Ethan Kearns, Production Assistant

A newcomer to the advertising world, and eager to learn, Ethan is passionate about creating innovative and high-quality content that others can enjoy.

Ethan is currently a senior studying advertising at The University of Tennessee, minoring in business and music business. Like many students starting their first internship, Ethan is searching for where exactly he will land in the advertising world. Still, he is an avid learner of new crafts, a dedicated member of the DS production team and a reliable hand in a pinch.

Outside of work and class, Ethan can be found crafting hip-hop instrumentals, writing music and chopping samples, or owning the competition in Smash Bros Melee. He is a lover of art, a firm advocate for pineapples on pizza and a hardcore hip-hop head who indulges in smooth R&B.

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