"I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else" —Pablo Picasso

Avatar Chris Cable, Content Manager

With a background in writing, editing, business development and project management, Chris uses his skills to manage our content team.

Chris oversees, plans and coordinates the copywriters and content loaders to ensure content is at the forefront with our designs. He has a passion for tourism and nonprofit work and translates his skills across web, print and digital platforms.

Chris’ future plans include growing as an individual writer, refining his screenwriting chops, writing creative snippets for various publications, continuing to direct a content team and studying deeper into elements of content and design. Continuing a career in a marketing and creative environment, along with building unique teams, are among Chris’ long-term goals.

Outside of work, Chris spends time with his wife, friends and family. He loves running, playing guitar and watching old movies. He also enjoys African American and Modern American literature, mystery fiction, Netflix binges, church fellowship, Disney animation, advanced science, politics and any kind of general water recreation.

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