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Avatar Brittany Cross, Content Developer

A love for words, visuals and strategy, Brittany develops everything from user-centric platforms to interesting long-form copy.

With a passion for clear communication, Brittany offers her talents and enthusiasm. Some favorite aspects of her job include risk-taking clients, seemingly obscure but on-target solutions, and being a part of the team that develops unique, innovative and effective solutions.

Brittany feels incredibly fortunate to have worked with such talented and creative people, from small, in-house departments to large, multi-location advertising agencies, working with all types of brands and clients. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.A. in English.

Calling Knoxville home, Brittany loves the atmosphere of East Tennessee, which, in her book, tops the other places she has lived: South Carolina, Texas and Colorado. She loves really good food, antiques, travel, and just being outside, which she does as much as she can with her husband, son, daughter and chocolate Labrador.

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